Vladovsoft Fitorg
Fitorg is software for managing and control of fitness and sport clubs. When you start the program for the first time enter 'admin' for username and 'admin' for password to log into the program.
  1. Main features
    • work with many users with different rights
    • work with services and subscriptions
    • work with barcode scanners and barcode readers
    • different pricing of the services according to the time of the day
    • unlimited number of clients
    • photos for each client
    • work with receipts and receipt books
    • deliveries and sales
    • relational databases
    • read and write data in an Access database format
    • sort the tables by columns
    • import and export of different tables
    • export of tables as interactive web pages
    • reports and search capabilities
    • report for the people currently in the club
    • report for the birthdays of the clients in the next 2 days
    • daily report
    • auotmatic filling of tables after each payment
    • automatic calculations
    • interactive charts with nice export capabilities
    • track employees' working time
    • daily database backup
    • nice help and support system
  2. Main advantages
    • low in size, big in features
    • fast and stable
    • good looking user interface - animated buttons and menus
    • clear interface - no useless menus and buttons
    • multilingual interface - english, bulgarian or russian, it's up to you
    • intuitive work - teh menus and the buttons are exactly where you expect them
    • automatic calculations
    • export in HTML - the publishing of your products and services has never been easier
    • daily database backup - do not fear of system failures
Getting Started

The main screen of Fitorg gives you access to the program's main features. Let's take a look at the basics you need to know to start working with the program. If you want to know more, launch Fitorg and click on Help.

  1. Filling the client cards
    When a client enters the club he uses his card. It is recommended the card to have a barcode so that you can easily enter its number using a barcode reader. Prior to giving cards to clients you must fill them in Fitorg's database. You can do this by clicking on button Cards. You can add a new card by clicking the Add button. If the card is going to be used by guests (i.e. clients who does not have subscriptions and want to pay for a single visit) place a tick on the Guest card checkbox. If you want to insert a sequence of cards, click the Insert Sequence button.
  2. Filling the subscriptions and services offered in the club
    To fill tables Subscriptions and Services you should click on the Database button from the main screen and then select the corresponding tables from the tables dropdown list. Note that you can set different price for each service that depends on the time. For example if you have a service Fitness 1x, which is meant for a single visit to a fitness club, and it costs $2.50 from 9 AM to 2 PM and $3 after 2 PM, then you should set: Time1 = 9, Price1 = 2.5, Time2 = 14, Price2 = 3. You can change the parameters of the currently selected service by clicking on the Edit button.
  3. Working with products
    Fill table Products with the products offered in your club. They can be sold by entering their barcodes in the Product Barcode text box (you can enter the full or only a part of the product name as well) or by clicking on button Payments and then on Sales.
  4. Adding a new client
    To add a new client enter an available client card number in the Client Number text box (a barcode reader comes in handy here) and press Enter from the keyboard. A dialog for entering client details opens. Fill the data you want and click OK. The window for working with clients opens. След като сте попълнили таблицата с карти, можете да започнете работа с Фиторг. Регистрирането на нов клиент става от поле Клиент номер от началния екран на програмата. Въведете номер на налична карта (или директно сканирайте номера с баркод четец) и натиснете Enter от клавиатурата. Ще се отвори прозорец за въвеждане на нов клиент. Попълнете необходимите данни и щракнете на ОК. Пред Вас ще се отвори прозорецът за работа с клиент.
  5. Opening the Client window
    Enter the number, the full or part of the name of the client in the Client Number fields and press Enter from the keyboard. If you enter the name or part of it and there are other clients with the same name then Fitorg shows a list, so that you can choose the right one.
  6. Working with clients
    To add a supsrciption for a client click on the New Subscription button and select one from the list. Using the button New Payment you can sell the client one or more products. He can pay immedeately or when he leaves the club (Fitorg will remind you if a client has something to pay when he exits the club). The green arow in the bottom left part of the window is used when the client enters the club. When you click it you should select what he uses - a subscription or he pays for a service. When the client exits click the red arrow.
  7. Single visits
    If a man comes in the club and wants to pay for a single visit or service you give him on of the available guset card. Next you enter its number from the keyboard or using a barcode reader (if the your cards have barcodes) in the Client Number field and press Enter from the keyboard. You choose the service the man pays for and click OK. When he leaves the club you take his card, enter its number again in the Client Number field and answer with Yes to the question asking you if a guest leaves the club.
The purchasing and licensing of software from Vladovsoft goes through the following steps:
  1. Install the software on you computer.
  2. Check your computer's client ID and send it to vladovsoft@gmail.com.
  3. Purchase the software from our website (PayPal is used for the payment).
  4. You will receive your license key in 2 working days.
  5. Support:
    The clients who have purchased "Subscription for support and new versions" get all new versions of the purchased product for free as well as priority support by e-mail for the period of the subscription.
  6. Quality Assuarance
    To be sure that your software is of highest quality download it only from www.vladovsoft.com. In this way you'll always use the latest and greatest versions of our software and won't risk to infect your computer with viruses.


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