Vladovsoft Fitorg 15.0

Gym Management Software - Member Management and Billing

Vladovsoft Fitorg is an easy to use, affordable gym management software. It includes membership details, deliveries and sales, products, services, subscriptions, recipes, accounts, billing and member tracking. Ideal for fitness clubs, gyms, health clubs, sport clubs, recreation and fitness centers. When you start the software for the first time enter 'admin' for username and 'admin' for password to log in.

Fitorg works with barcode readers/scanners, so you can create member cards with barcode give them to your club's members and then scan the cards with a barcode reader/scanner each time a member visits the club. To create your member cards, click the Cards button from the main screen of Fitorg, add your cards, click the Export to MegaBarcode File button and then open that file with our free online barcode generator - MegaBarcode. Click the Generate button of MegaBarcode to generate your member cards with barcode.

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Main features of the gym management software

  • unlimited number of products, services and subscriptions
  • unlimited number of clients and guests
  • set photos selected from file for the clients
  • taking photos of clients directly with the camera of the computer
  • Cloud Backup and Web Reports - see demo report
    Upload data and your gym or health club members will be able to quickly check their subscriptions and visits online. You will also have an online backup of your database, from which to quickly restore it in case your computer breaks. This feature requires an active support and updates subscription.
  • Client cards with barcode
    Click the Cards button from the main screen of Fitorg, add your cards and then export them as a MegaBarcode file. To generate and print the cards with barcode for free, open that file with:
    MegaBarcode - Free Online Barcode Generator
  • works with barcode scanners and barcode readers
  • operators with different user rights
  • different prices of the services based on the time of the day
  • recipes and recipe books
  • deliveries and sales
  • rich reports and search capabilities
  • report for the people currently in the club
  • report for the birthdays of the clients in the next 2 days
  • daily sales report (products, services and subscriptions) in the gym
  • interactive charts with option to export them to an image
  • export of the whole database or single tables to Excel, Access, CSV, HTML, XML, PDF and others
  • export of tables, documents and reports to PDF
  • import of data from Excel, Access, CSV, XML and others
  • translated to 5 languages - English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Bulgarian
  • user guide - opens after clicking the "Help" button from the main screen of the gym management software

Main advantages of the gym management software Vladovsoft Fitorg

  • compact, fast and stable even on old computers - Vladovsoft Fitorg works on Windows 7 or later
  • award winning gym management software
  • good looking and intuitive user interface
  • easy to use gym management and membership tracking software
  • export to Access, Excel, HTML and PDF - lets you easily send documents and reports via email
  • affordable gym management software

You can download a fully functional 30-day evaluation of the gym management software by clicking the "Download Fitorg" button:

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Network Support

Vladovsoft Fitorg provides network support through the client-server technology. That means, that you can install on the most frequently used computer the main (server) version of the software and then you can install on one or more other computers from the local area network (LAN) of your gym the client application - Vladovsoft Fitorg Client. The computers with the client application will connect to the server application and in this way all computers will work simultaneously on the same database. This is very useful if your gym/health club has several entry points or you simply want a second computer, from which to make reports and track what happens in you gym/health club.

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