Vladovsoft Sklad 11.0.0

Warehouse Management and Inventory Software

Vladovsoft Sklad is an easy to use warehouse management software. It helps you keep track of your products and customers, simplifies the process of making deliveries, sales and invoices and makes the management and control of your warehouse/shop easier than ever. When you start the software for the first time enter 'admin' for username and 'admin' for password to log in.

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Features of the Warehouse Software

Features Free Version Sklad Plus
Number of products, deliveries and sales unlimited unlimited
Option to set photos for the products
Support for barcode readers and scanners
Deliveries and sales forms
Large number of predefined reports
Powerful report generator
Export of tables and reports as interactive web pages (in HTML format) and to XML
Automatic calculation of weighted average prices after delivery of products
Print preview, printer selection and printing of tables, forms, invoices and reports
Network support using the client-server technology
Daily database backup
English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Georgian, French, Italian and Russian translation of the UI
Web reports: upload data and make reports from any device with Internet access Requires subscription Requires subscription
Detailed user guide
Module: Production - lets you create composite products
Module: Till - tracks the money in the till and any additional incomes and expenses
Module: Profit and Loss - charts and tables that show profits and losses
Number of products and services 25 unlimited
Number of databases on a single PC 1 10
Monitoring of deferred payments  
Operators with different user rights  
Custom title and company logo when printing deliveries, sales and invoices  
Conversion of sales to invoices  
Import and export of data from Access and Excel  
Export to PDF of all documents and reports from the print preview window  
Generation of electronic invoices (e-invoices) in PDF format  
Module: Invoices  
Module: Inspections  
Module: Statistics  
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Important If you purchase Sklad Plus all data and settings from the free version are preserved and you can continue working with the software immediately, enjoying the additional features and modules.

Network Support

Vladovsoft Sklad provides network support via the client-server technology. On one computer, called server Vladovsoft Sklad should be installed and on the rest of the computers the client application Vladovsoft Sklad Client should be installed. The client application connects to the server and receives and sends data to its database. Thus you can have multiple computers that operate on a common database - the database of the server. The current version of Vladovsoft Sklad Client lets you make deliveries and sales. Sklad Client is a separate application, which is not included in the Sklad Plus package. A separate license for Sklad Client should be purchased for each computer you intend to use it on. You can download a fully functional 30-day evaluation of the client application from the following link:

Download Sklad Client

Additional Modules

The commercial version of the warehouse management software (Sklad Plus) includes useful additional modules, which let you create invoices, make inspections and see various statistics for the sales in your warehouse/shop like best selling products, best customers and so on.

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Free forever

  • Up to 25 products and services
  • Works with barcode scanners
  • Forms for deliveries and sales
  • A large number of reports
  • Print preview and printing
  • Daily database backups on the local machine
  • Network support based on the client-server technolgy
  • Modules: Till, Production, Profit and Loss

Sklad Plus

$99 -

  • Everything from the free version
  • Unlimited number of products
  • 10 databases on a single PC
  • Track of delayed payments
  • Operators with different user rights
  • Import and export from and to Access and Excel
  • Export to PDF and electronic invoices
  • Modules: Invoices, Inspections and Statistics

Sklad Client

$79 for 1 PC

  • Network client application
  • Forms for deliveries and sales
  • Connects to Sklad and sends all deliveries and sales to it